Pressure Washer

Should you hand wash or pressure wash your home?  That depends. Are you preparing your home for painting, or are you simply trying to make it look clean? I say make it look clean, because if you are using bleach as a cleaning component, it has no cleaning power of its own. It may kill mold, but it does nothing to break the bond the mold has on the sides of your home nor does it do anything to remove the pollution, dirt, and other grime.

If you are trying to make you house look clean, and you are not going to tackle the job yourself, hire a professional who cleans using low pressure. Do not use high pressure. I have links below to some good articles that address this issue.

If you are preparing your home for painting, you need to reconsider. When I was renovating homes in Charleston, SC I worked with a painter who would always hand wash a home before painting. The reason being, the bond between the mold, mildew, pollutants, and grime needs to be broken. A brush will do it. Low pressure washing will not. High pressure at close range can cause all kinds of problems. Don’t paint over what appears to be a clean surface. If you want your paint to properly adhere and last – hand scrub!

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